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Asphalt is a mixture of aggregate (rock) and bitumen (oil). It may also contain other additives. Asphalt pavement designs can vary; but, they normally include a surface course (of asphalt), a base course, sub base course or both. The base and sub base courses are usually formed by various sizes of soil or rock materials that interlock when compacted to support the asphalt surface course.

Customers in the Cape Cod, MA area rely on RS Superior Sealcoating for their asphalt paving jobs. They know we give good value. We are licensed, bonded and insured! We will do an estimate for free!

We specialize in Asphalt Paving that includes all asphalt applications. Our residential and commercial asphalt paving services are used by a wide range of customers. Our skilled and experienced workers live up to high standards of craftsmanship and quality.

We can help your home or business with asphalt paving services including:

• Excavation, grading, drainage
• Curbs, driveways, roads, parking lots and other pavement projects

Our professional sidewalk installations provide a smooth and liability-safe surface to walk on. RS Superior Sealcoating offers quality and attention to detail that makes us second to none! We offer affordable rates and use good equipment and materials. RS Superior Sealcoating delivers a superior asphalt paving product every time. Our experienced crew aims to satisfy every customer.

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A poorly paved pavement will fail sooner than later. We look forward to discussing your project with you. Contact RS Superior Sealcoating for a no-obligation free estimate today! We can start on your asphalt paving project today!