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Asphalt Repairs - Professional Work

Asphalt Repairs  | RS SUPERIOR SEALCOATING - Cape Cod, MA

As asphalt approaches the end of its life cycle there is greater need for regular asphalt repairs. Early discovery and repair of potholes and damaged asphalt will extend the life of your pavement. If these problems are not corrected, more costly remedial work will be needed.

Cracks are a sign of wear and tear that grow into potholes, fatigue cracking and other types of deterioration. If many people pass by the damaged asphalt you don’t want to compound matters with liability issues by not fixing a tripping hazard. When you see this happening, you know its time to call in asphalt repair experts to make timely repairs to rehabilitate the deteriorating condition of the pavement.

In Cape Code, MA and its surrounding area, customers call RS Superior Sealcoating to make the necessary repairs at a good price. Our professional crew knows how to repair asphalt cracks, curbs, drains, sealing and striping. We take pride in our work. Our Cape Cod asphalt repairs are done right the first time with no corrective work needed afterwards.

How we repair an area of asphalt distress depends on its severity and the area affected by the problem.

Below are some of the asphalt repairs we do for the different types of cracking that appear over time:

Alligator (fatigue) cracking - A full patch

Block cracks - A thin overlay or surface treatment

Reflection cracks - Crack seal and fill

Slippage cracks - Patch (partial or full)

Corrugations - A deep or full patch

Rutting - A cold mill and an overlay or a thin patch

Grade depressions - A cold mill, resurfacing, thin surface patch or an infrared patch

A swell - A full patch

Patch failure or utility cuts - Replace failed patch with a deep patch

Pot holes - Full, injection or partial patches

Weathering - A thin overlay or surface treatment

Bleeding - Chip or sandwich seals, or thin overlay

Polished aggregate - A surface treatment

Loss of Aggregate - Sand spread over affected area and rolled after spreading with a roller

Transverse and longitudinal streaking - Re-sealing

Edge cracking - Improve the drainage and remove vegetation near the edge, if needed. Fill with emulsified asphalt or an asphalt emulsion slurry. Crack seal and fill.

Transverse and longitudinal cracking - Remove the source that traps the water. Seal the crack or fill with asphalt emulsion slurry or asphalt mixed with fine sand. Erect side drainage ditches Crack seal and fill

We can prove to you that you do need repaving in most cases to fix failed areas. Different types of asphalt patching techniques let you to remedy the problem with cost-effective asphalt repairs.

Trust RS Superior Sealcoating to do your job right the first time. Schedule a free estimate and consultation with us about the asphalt repairs we can do for you in Cape Cod, MA.