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Seal Coating - Cost Effective

Seal Coating  | RS SUPERIOR SEALCOATING - Cape Cod, MA

RS Superior Sealcoating understands that preventative maintenance is cost-effective and will reduce your operating costs over time. Seal coating is the most important part of an effective preventative maintenance program. We serve the Cape Cod, MA area’s pavement maintenance needs.

Regular seal coating extends the life of the pavement. Without such protection, your pavement will begin to deteriorate very quickly. Road usage, the elements, moisture and oxidation are all factors in reducing the life of a paved area. A seal coating does the same type of protective job that a stain or paint does for a wooden deck.

To prevent premature replacement of a dry and crack-prone pavement, proper application of seal coating and crack sealing is needed. It is important that you hire a qualified contractor who uses good quality sealing material. Otherwise you will compromise what could have extended the life of your pavement and reduced your maintenance costs.

In an area subject to harsh weather, sealing brings the added benefit of making your pavement skid resistant. For the changing weather of the Cape Cod area, asphalt sealing is necessary.

RS Superior Sealcoating’s maintenance services include:

• Seal coating
• Crack sealing
• Refreshing of lining and striping

Our professional seal coating service makes sure minor cracks do not turn into major issues later. Seal coating and crack sealing are part of maintenance program; but, they are not the same thing. Seal coating is a protective coat, while crack sealing is a filling. Both are essential for the long term protection of your pavement We suggest seal coating within a year of a new pavement installation and then no later than every 3 years afterwards. Regular seal coating gives new life to asphalt and makes it look fresh after every application.

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